About Irrigation Golf



Our irrigation contracts started under Irrigolf Enterprise in 1991 and Irrigation Golf (IGSB) was formed in 1992. To date, IGSB is still actively involved in the installation of irrigation systems locally and abroad other than providing a host of related services in the golf course and landscape industry.

During the course of installation works, we noticed that in most golf courses especially those with automatic irrigation systems, post installation services and the necessary back-up services were very lacking with the golf courses dependent on the “distributors” whose response times are normally too long or who do not have sufficient technical back-up support.

Due to the strong demand of proper spare parts and technical support, Greens Irrigation Sdn Bhd  ( GISB ) was formed in 1996 and till today, we are still servicing more than 60 golf courses locally and abroad.

GISB provides a wide range of services to golf courses and is always seeking improvements in its technical support through Research and Development. Weaknesses in irrigation systems are always pointed out to Clients and with close communication with the principals of HunterRAINBIRD and TORO, we are able to provide feedbacks to them on the status of the irrigation systems and the principals also update us on new products and improvements of their irrigation systems, etc.

We now have a branch in Singapore which is a partnership between IGSB and Advanced Tech Pte Ltd called Advanced Tech Irrigation Golf Pte Ltd ( ATIG ). ATIG was formed in 2006. ATIG is instrumental in doing the same scope of works as IGSB and GISB in Singapore and abroad.

With IGSB, GISB and ATIG, we shall always be there to assist and provide all the necessary back-ups to ensure that your installed irrigation system remain functional to its designed intent.


Just assign any of your irrigation problems to us, big or small.

We are very confident that we will have the answers to your problems.