Service Provided


Stock, Supply of original spare parts for HunterRAINBIRDTORO and all allied components.

Problem with damaged controller boards and parts?

We service and repair all types of HunterRAINBIRD and TORO controllers and parts.


Trouble-shooting of faults and problems of automatic irrigation systems with detailed reports on the causes of the problems, type of problems and proposals for rectifications works, etc.  

Installation, addition and upgrading of irrigation system for existing golf courses c/w evaluation on the hydraulic, programs, etc.

Rehabilitation of failed automatic irrigation system complete with wiring, servicing and repairing of controller, weather station, etc.

Flow Management

We check proposed watering programs based on computer generated Flow Management for Stand Alone Irrigation Systems so as to shorten watering window and ensure minimal cycling of pump station if any.


  • Smooth Flow – Minimize hydraulic surges.
  • Shortened Watering Window (Lower energy consumption)
  • Wear & Tear of Pump Station

Central Control with Flow Management

  • Good irrigation design and good programming can achieve up to 95% efficiency.
  • Not program efficiency – can be bad as well


New Irrigation System at existing Golf Courses

The installation of a complete irrigation system in 3 months for an existing 18 holes golf course? Yes, at Sabah Golf & Country Club, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.